Tuesday, November 17, 2009

white-red lenses

whitered lenses
unteachable (unreachable) pupils;
(no) stringent[attached] strands
frame: aimless visage--
mindless (dis)missal,
perilous stems totter preponderant torso
neglect--derelict (or so)
licked: hunger; flametongued
[k/l]icked: manger-borne, downflung.

answer issues; (or) more tissues


In bloom
Heads down, thumbs up; droop.
heads up, thumbs down?
Down is all around.
Spring & Summer goeth before a

dehydrate yourselves:
(crumbling?) [mumbling]
the road to life:
lined with (dried) flowers
(paved by the bones of saints?)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Do I really need to see what @johncmayer has added to my twitterfeed four times daily to be properly in tune with my surroundings? There's much to be said for being well-connected to the world, but it's easy to take this accessibility to unhealthy extremes. A few months with the it-device of the past several years has spoiled me. Whereas I used to feel naked and cut-off from society if my cell phone strayed too far from my pocket, now similar feelings are aroused by being without reliable 3G internet service. While I know @nytimes probably will not delete their article history every 30 minutes, that does not always assuage my irrational fear. Perhaps this device has gotten me used to unnaturally-instant gratification.

This being said, will I be trading my iPhone in for a beeper and coin-operated pay phone anytime soon? Certainly not. I do not see this as necessarily hypocritical. Keeping up with the present day need not be a bad thing. Convenience and complications--each brought on in equal doses by increases in technology--can each add much to one's life experience in beneficial ways. Can we write this off to the world getting crazier and more hectic? No, I would say our desire to be 'normal' is just as intense and all-consuming as ever. It is just that normal keeps becoming more and more insane.

Monday, June 29, 2009

another super Sunday: the American Male 1.1

A foul-odored creature shuffles forth from his den. Defining disheveled with every step. An odd stench of soured grain and dried spittle clings to the air around him. An odd stench whose source is advertised by the red-round imprint displayed proudly on the beast’s forehead. An imprint that would give a forensic artist ample inspiration to reconstruct the 12 oz. aluminum can that undoubtedly did the damage. A patchy pelt achieves nothing in its halfhearted attempt to cover its wearer’s quivering paunch.

Typically this species can be observed in his Sunday’s Best: a stained, ill-fitting pair of boxer shorts whose waistband slips exhaustedly down the ample, shapeless frame that has demoralized what was once a spry and resilient example of elastic engineering. The specific specimen being observed is undoubtedly a sophisticate amongst his breed: an immense terrycloth robe lopsidedly drapes his shoulders and sways jauntily about his black-stockinged feet.

The creature seeks a newspaper, and no unkempt personal appearance can hope to restrain him from venturing out into the wilds of his front porch. Once back inside, our subject takes on a squirrel-like tenacity, cleverly peeling away the refuse of protective packaging ensuring the sanctity of the sought-after Sports Page. A bastion of journalistic excellence, the Sports Page guarantees to contain the same information as the 3 hours of Sportscenter each of its readers will have consumed the night before.

It seems other creatures are now astir in different parts of the domicile. Groaning, the residents’ clawing exits from the state of slumber threaten to disturb the sporting feast. Not to worry, for years of shirking familial responsibilities have steeled our creature to unwanted impositions—to the point that he can disable his sense of hearing seemingly at will. After finishing the morning’s literary exploits, calculated indifference ensures fatherly duties will intrude on the day for at most fifteen minutes. Then the Pregame Show initiates a 10 hour engorgement of all things gridiron.

This is the first in a series of similar pieces I've sketched out. I would much appreciate your feedback and comments. Enjoy

Friday, June 26, 2009

our country is mad at your country

or: my dad could beat up your dad, et al.

Recently, influential countries have been exerting their power to promote change in the world. Social injustice and international unrest abounds, but now major players on the global stage are standing up to ensure the righting of these wrongs and conquest of these evils. Iran remains embroiled in protests and violence stemming from alleged election improprieties. North Korea continues a foreign policy strategy of intimidation and calculated posturing. Countries, such as the United States, and collective governing bodies, including the United Nations and the G8, achieved this monumental advance by...expressing their displeasure?

Several stories stuck out within the past week describing the responses of supposedly powerful and influential countries to other nations' aggressively antagonistic or repressive actions. An emergency meeting--followed by the customary protracted debate--of the U.N. Security Council resulted in promises for sterner sanctions against North Korea and an 'Angry Letter' detailing the unhappiness caused to the U.N. by Korean missile testing and nuclear threats. Similarly, the United States recently strengthened its reputation as global watchdog with regards to Iran President Ahmadinejad's repressive and reactionary handling of post-election protests. President Obama's condemnation of the developing situation in Iran precedes the G8's expected "statement to deplore post-election violence". Apparently world leaders have yet to find an alternative to passing a nasty note--a practice most people give up as childish and ineffective sometime during middle school. How do broadcast journalists report on such stories and manage to maintain a straight face? What could possibly be the purpose of putting such dross on paper or having it clog up the newly analog-free airwaves? No angry letter will change course of an offending country's actions. More likely these proclaimations purpose to pacify politicians' consituencies and the citizens of the nations that issue these letters in the first place. But even this plan seems irreparably flawed. It's doubtful whether any G8 nation's citizens would have have thought their nations approved a free-speech infringement and voting inequity before the issuance of their official disapproval. Likewise, it probably did not require an official U.N. statement to clue in most people in the U.S. and elsewhere that lots of countries are not greatly pleased by North Korea's nuclear showmanship. The U.N., the G8 and the United States all remained consistent by achieving nothing of actual consequence in their reactions to current events in Iran and North Korea. Instead of paying international postage rates, maybe organizations and governements should find pen pals that are actually interested in hearing from them. A quick perusal of my local paper yields a promising "SWF, 40+, looking for special someone". The U.N.'s officially important time would be better served by sending her a letter, angry or otherwise.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a horizon comes to you

every day the present slips away,

the past recedes further into the distance

Only the future gets closer, ever closer

moment by moment

can you feel it.
can you wait?


picture in picture
eight talking heads
four tickers
Heart quickens, blood thickens [patches pavement]
evening news,
a day in revue.